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Practice Areas

Criminal Law

  • Misdemeanor & felony cases and trials in Massachusetts district, superior and federal courts
  • Representation of witnesses and other individuals asked to testify before a court or grand jury
  • Sealing records
  • Use of private investigators
  • Use of forensic experts including experts in medicine, accident reconstruction, ballistics, firearms, computer forensics, and others.

Appellate and Post-Conviction

  • Direct Appeals to the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  • Post-Conviction Motions (Motion for New Trial aka 'Rule 30 Motion')
  • Motions to Revise and Revoke Sentence
  • Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions to the U.S. District Court
  • Federal Appeals to the First Circuit Court of Appeals

Student Discipline

  • Advice and representation for K-12, undergraduate and graduate level students at public or private institutions
  • Accusations of academic or behavioral misconduct
  • Disciplinary hearings, probation, marks on a student's record, suspensions, expulsions, and other consequences
  • Strategies and advice regarding issues that may involve potential adult criminal liability

Civil Litigation

  • Plaintiff and defense representation

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